We offer the most customer friendly car rental concept on the Costa del Sol...:)
These all inclusive conditions is our only product with NO options to purchase ANYTHING in addition.


Fully Comprehensive Insurance with NO EXCESS
Collition Damage Waiver (CDW) with NO EXCESS
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) - with NO EXCESS
Theft Protection (TP) - with NO EXCESS (does NOT cover personal items)
No Credit Card Deposits (or "blocked" amounts)
24 Hours Road Assistance/Breakdown service
Free Mileage
Free Extra Drivers
Free Childseats/booster seats
Free cancelations
Free amendments
All Taxes

+ helpful and FRIENDLY customer service before during and after your rental, also in the unlikely event that something should happen.


INCLUDED in case of damages /accident:
1.1 Unlimited coverage for personal injuries towards the driver and passengers in the car, and injuries caused to third party.
1.2 All damages caused to the vehicle if caused by single-car accident and where a third party is involved.
1.3 Scratches and damages to the bodywork, glass, wheels/tyres (also in case of puncture or blowout), front and rear lights, windscreens, undercarriage, clutch.
1.4 ALSO covered if caused by a third party or by the renter himself (PROVIDING THAT THE CAR RENTAL COMPANY IS INFORMED ABOUT THE DAMAGES PROMPTLY).


Damages/accident caused by any kind of negligence or negligent use, such as:
2.1 Damage caused by the renter due to reckless driving or parking.
2.2 Damages caused to undercarriage due to driving on non-signed roads (dirt tracks or in Spanish "Carril")
2.3 Misuse of clutch, lost antennae, damages to upholstery, cigarette burns, extremely dirty interiors, loss/damage of keys, wrong re-fuelling, transport of pets, and expenses derived of the aforementioned.
2.4 Damages caused due to ignoring the car´s dashboard symbols.
2.5 Towing or propelling other vehicles.
2.6 Driving the vehicle outside of the Iberian peninsula.
2.7 Using the vehicle after the termination of the rental period.
2.8 In case of breakdown /accident, abandoning the vehicle in a position that may cause further damage to it.
2.9 Traffic and parking fines: A flat fee of 15€ for handling applies.
2.10 Towing expenses due to wrong parking or traffic offences.
2.11 Damages caused due to ignoring the car´s dashboard symbols driving the car in a way that may cause further damages to it.
2.12 Smoking is NOT allowed in the vehicles.


3.1 All cars are delivered personally 24/7/365
3.2 Specific information regarding the meeting point INSIDE THE ARRIVALS HALL will be explained in your booking confirmation.
3.3 We will have the rental contract prepared in advance ready for signing according to the booking confirmation.
3.4 You will be lead directly to the car which will be ready for delivery nearby.

3 LATE DELIVERY 21:00 - 08:00

3.5 We deliver all cars PERSONALLY 24/7/365
3.6 A fixed fee of 20€ is charged for late deliveries.
3.7 The fee applies from 21:00 and onwards without exceptions.
3.8 It is the moment you come out and meet us in the arrivals hall that determines whether the fee is applicable or not or not - NOT the arrival  time of your plane.
3.9 The fee is ALSO applicable if meeting us at 21:00 or later, ALTHOUGH NOT specified on your booking confirmation (which it will not do in the case of having chosen arrival times 20:15 - 20:30 or 20:45), or in the event of not being specified due to IT error or other error.
3.10 The fee will ALSO apply in the event of landing at 18:00 but for whatever reason you get delayed and come out to meet us at 21:00 or later.


4.1 Car return can be done 24 hours.
4.2 The car is to be returned very conveniently to P1 (parking 1), the multi story car park situated only two-three minutes walk from the departure terminal.
4.3 The car is to be returned according to the detailed instructions that will be given to you when the car is delivered.
4.4  In it´s defect, any costs incurred by our staff in order to recover the vehicle shall be charged to the renter – this includes towing expenses, fines, and all cost derived thereof - DO NOT leave the car in the EXPRESS PARKING.
4.5 Vehicles not returned as per the instructions given will immediately be reported stolen.

4 CAR RETURN  21:00 – 08:00

4.5 The same car return procedure apply - A fixed fee of 12€ is applicable.


5.1 Payment is done on arrival directly to the staff delivering the car.
5.2 WE DO NOT CHARGE OR "BLOCK" ANY AMOUNT on the card (i.e. deposits or excess).
5.3 Credit cards accepted: Visa and MasterCard
5.4 Debit cards (Visa or MasterCard) are accepted if the first of the 16 digits is 4 or 5 - No exceptions  made. 
5.5 C.a,s.h, payment accepted in E.u,r.o, on the exact amount (the dots are not a misspelling but to avoid fraud)
5.6 This payment method is subject to producing a credit card/debit card in the renters own name.
5.7 The card WILL BE REGISTERED ON THE RENTAL CONTRACT (to serve as our guarantee in the event of missing fuel, traffic fines, negligent use etc. when the car is returned).


6.1 Our rates does NOT INCLUDE FUEL expenses.
6.2 There will be NO UP FRONT FUEL CHARGES nor "refilling fee" involved. 
6.3 The vehicle is delivered with ½ a tank of fuelThe renter is to return it with THE SAME AMOUNT OF FUEL.
6.4 The fuel level will be clearly and very precisely marked on the rental contract.
6.5 Should the car be returned with less fuel than when delivered, the renter will be charged fixed handling fee of 25€ + the missing fuel.


7.1 We supply child seats and booster seats (pillows) FREE of charge
7.2 Due to Spanish regulations, they MUST be mounted/fastened by the renter – NOT by the staff who delivers the car.
7.3 Child seats and boosters comply with European standards:
7.4 Except MAXI COSI, which can be mounted forward facing and backward facing, ALL child seats/boosters are FARWARD FACING.
7.5 We do NOT deliver high end brands.
7.6 If you have special request regarding this we suggest you bring your own, or contact (they deliver right next to our meeting point inside the arrivals hall).


8.1 Four additional drivers are allowed per contract FREE of charge. One con be added online - the rest will be added to the contract on arrival.
8.2 In order to be covered, all drivers must hold a valid driver's license and be acknowledged by the car rental company.
8.3 Additional drivers must either be present and SIGN THE CONTRACT.
8.4 For additional drivers not present when the car is delivered, please forward drivers license and ID scanned and attached per email, BEFORE the commencement of the rental.


9.1 We supply GPS in English (also called satnav) for 5€ per rental day, maximum 35€/rental
9.2 Some cars have build in GPS systems, some does not - We will either deliver a car with GPS or a separate GPS.
9.3 To be guaranteed a GPS this option MUST be selected on the booking form.


10.1 The renter/main driver must have held a drivers license for 2 years, and must be able to produce the following at the delivery of the vehicle:

  • Valid passport or ID,
  • Valid drivers licence
  • Credit card/Debit Card - Visa or MasterCard

10.2 The credit card/debit cars used for payment MUST be in the renters/main drivers name.


11.1 Minimum age is 23 with 2 years of driving experience. Maximum age is 69 years.
11.2 For driver between 21 and 23 years of age and drivers of 70 years or more, the SAME conditions applies except with a 300€ insurance excess for ALL GROUPS.
11.3 This excess cannot be waived.
11.4 No excess amount will be charged up front (or "blocked)
11.5 The 300€ insurance excess is ONLY CHARGED IN THE EVENT OF DAMAGES, partially or fully, according to the damages caused.


12.1 Negligent and non-adequate use of the vehicle is under no circumstances covered.
12.2 costs and/or economic loss, direct and indirect, that the car rentals company may suffer as a consequence thereof shall be paid by the renter.
12.3 In particular, the following is considered negligent use: to damage wheels/tyres by hitting the curb while parking, circulating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, circulating beyond the termination of the contract, excessive speeding, driving on non-signed roads/tracks, wrong use of clutch, reckless driving, reckless parking, circulating without being registered as a recognized driver on the contract, not respecting the dashboard warning symbols, to disregard traffic signs.


13.1 It is the renters obligation to inform the car rental company about breakdown/damage immediately when it happens –
13.2 A brief declaration signed by the renter, with description of the occurred, including time, place and circumstances must be handed in to the car rental company.
13.3 In case of break down, robbery or accident, the renter must take all measures not to abandon the vehicle in a position that may expose it to suffering further damages which will be considered negligence.


14.1 To immediately call the police and make a police report, and if necessary, declare at the nearest Policia Local or Guardia Civil.
14.2 To inform the car rental company immediately or, as soon as possible within 24 hours.
14.3 If one or more third parties are involved the following details MUST by recorded by the renter:

  • License plates of ALL vehicles involved
  • Full Name, ID and address in home country of ALL drivers involved
  • Insurance company of all parties (compañia de seguros)
  • Insurance license number (numero de poliza) of all parties if available.
  • Names and contact details of witnesses, if any.

14.4 If the third party cannot identify himself, or refuses to identify himself , his car registration plates must be noted down, pictures taken if possible,  and the Police called immediately.
14.5 The "Declaracion Amistosa de Accidente" or "friendly declaration" which can be found in the car should be filled in by the renter and the third party, and a copy of this document handed in to our staff.
14.6 Damages that are not notified promptly , but at the return of the car or after the termination of the contract will be charged the renter.
14.7 False declaration regarding damages, verbal or in written will NOT BE ACCEPTED and the damages will be charged the renter.


15.1 Booking requests are to be made via the online booking form.
15.2 We do not process booking per phone.


16.1 We DO ANSWER to all inquiries.
16.2 After submitting a booking request you will received one of the following via email:

  • A booking confirmation containing you BOOKING REFERENCE NUMBER (meaning that your booking is in firm 100%)
  • In case of sold out for the requested car group and period we will offer you an alternative car group at its respective price, if available. (in these cases we do NOT offer free upgrades or discounts)
  • An email notification about that we are FULLY BOOKED ON ALL GROUPS for the requested period and that we cannot confirm you booking.

16.3 We do not assume any responsibility in the rather frequent event that correspondence SENT from our server, for whatever the reason does not get delivered to the recipients email address, or does not get read by the recipient .
16.4 Upon submitting a booking request it is the customers obligation to contact us, either via the CONTACT form, or per telephone, should he/she not received our reply.
16.5 We respect our clients and expect the same in return - for this reason, if you have submitted a booking form with us, we do not accept that you books elsewhere without informing us about it with the excuse that "since i never heard from you i have booked elsewhere" - if you have submitted a booking form with us and choose to book elsewhere without informing us about it we will charge the full amount according to the price stated in the submitted booking.


17.1 All booking confirmations will be sent via email to the email address submitted on the booking form.
17.2 The booking confirmation will contain a BOOKING REFERENCE NUMBER = 100% confirmed.
17.3 Without a booking reference number, there is no confirmed booking.
17.4 If you have a booking reference number, please do not email unnecessarily asking "if the booking is ok?" - It is unless you cancel it yourself, even if the arrival date is in 1 years time.


18.1 The cars are divided into "groups" according to their size, amount of doors, and capacity.
18.2 We GUARANTEE to deliver a car with the specifications as per the car group reflected in the booking confirmation!
18.3 We DO NOT guarantee to deliver a specific make or model, nor with a specific color, engine size, engine type, hp etc.
18.4 All images of cars (which we try our best to keep updated according to our current fleet) and the mentioning of specific makes and models are for your orientation and guidance only. 
18.5 Most cars in the fleet have diesel engine - however we DO NOT GUARANTEE TO DELIVER A DIESEL CAR.


19.1 Extensions may be granted 48 hour before the termination of the rental contract.


20.1 Cancelations can be made free of charge up untill 72 hours before the commencing of the rental.
20.2 For cancelations made in less than 48 hours before the commencing of the rental contract a penalty of 20% of the confirmed price will apply.
20.3 For cancelations made in less than 24 hours before the commencing of the rental contract a penalty of 30% of the confirmed price will apply.

Thank you for reading the MOST CUSTOMER FRIENDLY rental conditions available on the market in Malaga...

Please feel free to contact us beforehand, should you feel the need of further clarifications regarding the rental conditions.

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