Car hire Malaga Airport no fuel charges

We operate with a customer friendly fuel policy from A-Z...:-)

ALL CARS are delivered with 1/2 a tank of fuel – To be returned it with 1/2 a tank of fuel.

Please be warned that the general tendency  is to offer you a low rate but to charge abusive high prices for a full tank of fuel on arrival.

Companies that charge extra for fuel will inform their customers to return the car "empty" - this is just another misleading and abusive way to earn 15-20 liter of fuel per client.

We are AGAINST THESE PRACTICES AND DO NOT EARN MONEY ON FUEL in order to make a hidden profit or to justify so called cheap car hire Malaga!

It has also become common practise not to give detailed information regarding additional costs for a full tank of fuel is given to the client beforehand.

...hence you only realize when you arrive.

We cannot disagree more to this type of fuel policy which traps the client.

Please everyone...stop renting your cars with companies that charge for fuel.

Lets be honest - if they charge for fuel, you will most likely be up for a big surprise if damages

Therefore, this extra cost for a prepaid full tank of fuel must be taken into account when comparing our prices to so called cheap internet offers and our rates for car rental Malaga with no excess.

We deliver the car with 1/2 a tank of fuel – You return it with 1/2 a tank of fuel.

Please be aware that the average hidden profit that car rental companies at Malaga airport make on their "pay for a full tank and return empty" policy is 30-60€ per rental!!!

Incredible, but true...and definitely a cummon subject of conversation around the pools here on the coast, but unfortunately, something that but only very few take into serious consideration when choosing their car rental company in Malaga.

Prepaid full tank return empty fuel policy - an old trick

You can easily loose 40-60€ on fuel alone if renting with a company that apply this type of abusive fuel policy!!!!

These are the facts and numbers you need to consider:

1. You pay for 80 liters when the car only take 55-60 liters >>>>>>>> 15-20€
2. You pay a higher rate PER LITER than the market price  >>>>>>> +10-15€
3. You have to leave 10-25 liters of unused fuel in the tank >>>>>>> +15-25€

Total ADDITIONAL COST on prepaid fuel return empty >>> = 40–60€

Please be kind enough to keep this in mind when comparing our very generous and all inclusive car rental Malaga rates.


With Best Wishes